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In 2015, Jacqueline Ashworth was on a mission: to find the perfect personalised necklace for her daughter Emilie to celebrate the birth of her first grandaughter – Matilda. With the rise in popularity of personalised jewellery you would think this was an easy task. Jacqueline searched luxury jewellers, department stores and online boutiques but all she could find were silver and gold necklaces with names, letters, dates or finger prints engraved and with a high price tag to match. Jacqueline wanted something different, something a bit out of the ordinary. This is when she decided to create her own personalised birthstone design to give to her daughter – The Matilda Necklace.

With the mantra “Little stones with BIG MEANING”, the personalised Matilda Necklace allows you to choose your loved one’s individual birthstones, wear them close to your heart and make your necklace your own. Each and every Matilda Necklace can tell a story. In 2016 The Matilda Necklace became a big hit amongst mums, so mother and daughter duo – Devon based Silversmith Jacqueline and former teacher, local Chiswick mum Emilie – decided to join forces and launch the Jacqueline Ashworth business - with baby Matilda in tow.

The Jacqueline Ashworth jewellery collection is founded on the belief that jewellery should be innately wearable, affordable yet still create a luxurious impression. Each and every piece is individually designed and handcrafted by Jacqueline in her workshop in Devon – ensuring every piece is unique.
Jacqueline grew up in Devon surrounded by the beautiful coast and countryside, an influential force that has guided her unique, elegant designs. After graduating from Birmingham School of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) degree in 3-Dimensional Design, majoring in Silversmithing, she taught jewellery and metalwork in the South West. She then moved to Notting Hill, London where she developed a business restoring and framing Antique Prints. It is an interesting possibility that her choice of medium could have been due to genetic influences of which she was originally unaware. Two of her forebears, including a great-great-grandfather were working Jewellers and Silversmiths in Dublin during the early part of the 19th Century. Eventually Jacqueline returned to her roots and immersed herself in the jewellery world creating bespoke jewellery pieces from her workshop in Devon and selling her creations to locals and at fairs. She looks to the natural world for inspiration and will often find little treasures to spark off an idea whilst out on a walk by the shore or in the woods with her dogs - Lady and Denny.
She enjoys working in both precious and semi-precious materials and anything that captures her eye. Her designs combine contemporary, natural and traditional materials creating a timeless quality. Jacqueline Ashworth’s Birthstone and Anniversary Collections are made using Sterling Silver and 14ct Gold Filled and feature beautiful gemstones ranging from turquoise, ruby to garnet and aquamarine. For those looking for that extra special touch, Jacqueline Ashworth offers a personalised service to help you achieve that unique gift. The Matilda and 'Tilly Loves' Collection allow you to choose your loved one’s individual birthstones and take them with you wherever you go.

Jacqueline Ashworth is now a family run business and Jackie works alongside her daughter Emilie who helps with marketing, PR and customer service.
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